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Three Houses: short stories from Houses of Common

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Intricacies of the surgical suite and of the heart.

The simmering turmoil of the homefront.

A crucible of training and a grueling past.

Franklin Watts patches together the victim of what he thinks is a freeway accident. After breaking up suspicious behavior outside his recovery room, life gets complicated for Franklin, his dog, and his ex-girlfriend. Franklin and the victim find they have something in common: the same hitman.

Julienne wrangles her four precocious children, hoping to bridge the gap between their wild bonobo instincts and the potential of their engineered intelligence. She sees in her husband the brilliance they can achieve, but knows - from her own mother's lifelong incarceration - what else they could accomplish.

Graham Webley's first day of training for the Virginia State Police is his first time meeting an extra-terrestrial. His new friend and partner, Sckiik gets him a career's worth of training, trouble, and close shaves with death. All before graduation.

Three minor characters from the sci-fi thriller series Houses of Common come alive as the heroes of their own stories.

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