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Meaner Sort (Nothing Important Happened 2)

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Ranyk is a cocky alien terraformer with a world of problems. Forty thousand Irish colonists entrusted him to engineer their new home, but now they’re stranded between a civil war and a colony planet infested by pirates. His security-officer sister discovered an atrocity brewing against their species but then suddenly disappeared. His boss and colleagues at the Office of Terraformation have been attacked by unknown assailants. Not all of them survived, and neither did clues to the perpetrators’ motives or identities.

Unlike an 18th-century European king's description of July 4th, "Nothing important happened today," Ranyk realizes he's started something pivotal.

His next steps? To talk his way out of a Titan prison since he mouthed his way into a contempt charge. To finish the biggest atmosphere-creation rush job of his career before the Irish are captured. And to find out who tried to kill him and then frame him for damaging Saturn’s rings. Most of all, he needs to discover who has it out for his friends before his world - his species - is extinguished.

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