Lone Wilderlands Omnibus: everything right out of the box!


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The all-inclusive Lone Wilderlands Solo RPG Omnibus!

Open the box. Play. That fast. No printing, no downloading.

And I’ll ship it tomorrow.

Lone Wilderlands: Minecraft meets Dungeons & Dragons in a card-based, world-building, pen and paper tabletop role-playing game.

Here is everything ever published about the Lone Wilderlands through May 2021. The original box game, the three expansion sets, and the instruction manual promoted from PDF to coil bound book.

What’s in the box:

  • Lone Wilderlands: the original solo sandbox RPG in a cardbox
  • Adara’s Atlas volume 1: the boxed expansion card decks
  • Summa Cartis: now coil bound with upgraded tables and cover art
  • Orion’s Hoard: the Wilderland history and treasures of mystery booklet
  • Monster M.O.: the enemy battle strategy generating card deck
  • Tools: pre-printed character sheets, map hex sheets, and a d20

No need to wait for print on demand, DWD thought ahead just for you. Everything is already printed by The Game Crafter, boxed up by DWD, and ready to ship to you the next business day!

Free shipping to the continental United States, rates vary otherwise.

Questions? Email me at DWDaltonAdventures@gmail.com

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