About the Author

I’ve never lived in Oregon, but I sure wouldn’t mind. Sunshine through leaves is a potent and tingly milieu of Sol, Terra, Vitality Magic.

That, or the 500 nanometer light reflected by chlorophyll A has a euthymic effect, and photosynthetic structures don’t absorb the UVB rays that power dermal synthesis of mood-elevating vitamin D3.

A smart-aleck, a science nerd, and a fantasy geek all tried to share the same brain…

and once in a while it worked really well.

Derick is a former high school biology teacher and currently treats patients as an urgent care physician assistant.

As a result, he flavors stories with precocious teens, plausible new technology, and delightfully messy medical scenes. He also designs fantasy games, thanks to cross-pollinated fascinations with Tolkien and mathematical probability.

He lives in Washington with his wife and kids. He’s planning a mountain bike trip on Mars, and will be backpacking from Imladris to Lothlorien when he finds a good map.

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